Will There Be Donuts?


“A very rare beast … a highly readable book about business life that offers road-tested advice and entertaining anecdotes. It will definitely improve your meetings.” The Times

“We can’t find a hole in it.” Management Today

“It’s relevant, useful and fun to read. What more could you ask for?” Charles Handy, Management Guru

“one book that should be handed to every politician, (national or local) civil servant and bureaucrat.” Ideaolog NZ

David is internationally renowned as the ‘Meeting Doctor’ and in his book “Will There Be Donuts?” he shows you how to avoid becoming a victim of meeting misery.

The book is about the huge mistake that almost all companies have made and are going to make this year and the next. He calls it ‘nearly’ meeting. It happens the length and breadth of the business world, from boardroom to shop floor.

‘Will There Be Donuts?’ draws on two decades of consulting with some of the biggest companies in the world, re-educating the reader on how to hold ‘really’ meetings and crucially how to make them great.



David regularly speaks on the shocking truth about our meeting culture. Find out what nearly meeting is costing you and your company at the Real Meetings website.

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