Story For Leaders

Story For LeadersThe art of storytelling is at the very heart of inspiring others.  David Pearl is a master at this.

Ian Buchanan, Group CIO Barclays

This is a practical, easy to ready book for anyone who wants to be a more compelling leader.   And by leader we don’t mean someone up there on a pedestal with a curved sword.   If you are trying to get anything done in this world and you need 2 or more people to follow you – you’re a leader.

In Story For Leaders David distills a lifetime’s experience in the creative arts and two decades advising some of the world’s most influential business people.

Storytelling is more and more important for leaders and this book is full of techniques to make the audience hang on your every word.   But it goes further and deeper, exploring

  • how you create irresistible stories to tell
  • why narrative is key to leadership
  • how to become a meaning-maker
  • the neuroscience of story
  • how you use story not just to describe the future but to shape it

David is donating all proceeds from the book to his social enterprise, Street Wisdom.

Love your book. Genuinely the best book on business storytelling I’ve read. Also, so nice to see a business book written by someone who can actually write!

Max Dickens, Founder Hoopla Business