Wanderful: Human navigation for a complex world

WanderfulAn indispensable handbook for anyone seeking inspiration and fresh direction. In work. In life. And beyond. As you’ll discover, the answers to our questions are right in front of our eyes. We walk past them every day. Step by step, Wanderful shows us how to fire up our innate internal guidance system, get off the straight & narrow and find wonder in the everyday. Every-day. David Pearl is the inventor of Street Wisdom, an international social venture that’s bringing experiential learning to city streets the world over through its free, guided WalkShops. All royalties from sales of this book will be donated to

Story for LeadersStory For Leaders

Storytelling is often seen as decoration – something to jazz up a speech or add personality to a presentation. Truth is, there is a great deal more to story and understanding its full potential will transform your leadership. Story for Leaders outlines the must-have techniques to create a compelling story and deliver it with power. David Pearl goes further, showing us how story can be used to shape our future, navigate our personal and professional lives and engage those around in a shared vision. And when David refers to ‘leaders’ he doesn’t mean the extraordinary types – up there on a pedestal with a big flag and curved sword – he’s talking about everyday leadership. So, if you’re the kind of person who wants to get something done and works with other people to do it, if you have a team or community that looks to you for direction or guidance, if you’re trying to change the status quo or make the world a better place even in a tiny way, then this book was written for you. BUY FROM AMAZON.

Here David introduces the book.

“The art of storytelling is at the very heart of inspiring others. David Pearl is a master at this.”

Ian Buchanan, Group CIO, Barclays

“Those of us interested in democracy can’t be distracted by the all divisive narratives out there but have to craft a collective story of our own. Books like David’s can only help.”

Andrew Stone, Lord Stone of Blackheath

“Love your book. Genuinely the best book on business storytelling I’ve read. Also, so nice to see a business book written by someone who can actually write!”

Max Dickens, Founder Hoopla Business

“Reading your book was like having a very special conversation with someone kind and wise. This book inspired my winning application for super fancy leadership programme. Absolutely loved the process of reflecting, connecting the dots and honouring my own story. The title should read ‘Story for Everyone’.”

Olga Vysotskaya, Private Client Adviser, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Will There Be Donuts?

Will There Be Donuts?“A very rare beast … a highly readable book about business life that offers road-tested advice and entertaining anecdotes. It will definitely improve your meetings.” The Times

“We can’t find a hole in it.” Management Today

“It’s relevant, useful and fun to read. What more could you ask for?” Charles Handy, Management Guru

“one book that should be handed to every politician, (national or local) civil servant and bureaucrat.” Ideaolog NZ

David is internationally renowned as the ‘Meeting Doctor’ and in his new book “Will There Be Donuts?” he shows you how to avoid becoming a victim of meeting misery. The book is about the huge mistake that almost all companies have made and are going to make this year and the next. He calls it ‘nearly’ meeting. It happens the length and breadth of the business world, from boardroom to shop floor.‘Will There Be Donuts?’ draws on two decades of consulting with some of the biggest companies in the world, re-educating the reader on how to hold ‘really’ meetings and crucially how to make them great. BUY FROM AMAZON

David regularly speaks on the shocking truth about our meeting culture. Find out what nearly meeting is costing you and your company at the Real Meetings website.

How To Wow

How to Wow

“We don’t reflect nearly enough on how we work together. That’s why a book like this is invaluable.” President & General Manager, GSK Vaccines

In today’s pressured business world, the key to success isn’t just what you do, but how you do it.How to WoW is a practical home-grown guide on ways to get your own organisation working differently and real life stories of what happens when you do.