What’s the Story no 10

What’s The Story? is a monthly mashup of what’s been happening in my world; a moment to share some of what I’ve found inspiring, moving, useful and generally life-enhancing. Give it a quick scan and please make use of whatever jumps out at you.

Talk to Strangers
Meeting helpful strangers is a key element of the WalkShops run by our social enterprise Street Wisdom. This Danish video shares a real time experiment that reveals how connected those strangers may be without us realising it. I challenge you not to tear up.  

Take Note(s)
In a recent event I was leading I noticed that only one of the 300 attendees appeared to be taking notes – lots of notes. And he was the owner of the business. You may think a smartphone shot will capture an important point, but writing it down is still the best way to remember.

Can You Feel It?
Tiffany Watt Smith studies the history of human emotions. Her TED talk gets you thinking again about how to describe what you’re feeling. Want to feel different? Use different words. Emotional stuff!

You can find inspiration in everything and if you can’t, look again
Sir Paul Smith

Resist to Exist
Artist and writer Jenny Odell’s new book on How to do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy helps us all question our addiction to social media and the consequent obesession with productivity.

Less self-help more an unpacking of the causes behind 2019’s malaise
and practical ways to re-balance…

Drastic Plastic
Our passion to turn off the plastic tap was fuelled when our friends at A Plastic Planet joined us on a Street Wisdom session. Here’s a simple and achievable guide to cutting plastic out of your life. For good.

Prize Day
We were thrilled to hear that Street Wisdom was nominated for Fast Company’s world changing ideas 2019. We couldn’t run Street Wisdom without our dedicated volunteer Street Wizards around the globe. Thank you all!

And in other news…

A role model of the emotionally intelligent leader, Barack Obama, shares his definition of masculinity. Apparently a real man doesn’t need 8 women around him twerking.
Wanderful (very) short story from Seth Godin’s blog on engaging our internal compass.

An interesting read on how mindfulness has been monetised and co-opted by an efficiency movement – McMindfulness anyone?

In George Monbiot’s challenging view even Conscious Capitalism threatens the planet. Discomfiting, but hard to ignore.  

And if anyone is in London on May 7, Impropera’s show MUSO will be transforming academics to opera stars at the Bloomsbury Theatre.  Hope to sing you there!

Have a Wanderful week

D x

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