Meaning Makers Podcast – How Top Leaders Use Stories

I was interviewed recently by Mark Bidwell for his Meaning Makers podcast series.
You can listen to it here.

What Was Covered

How looking at business meetings “the engine of post-industrial life” – through a different lens, say a theatrical one, can unleash the creative power of bringing the group together
How storytelling can be used innovatively in leadership and how meaningful narratives can help to create meaning with business teams
The benefits to being open and accepting of past failures and how sharing these as a leader can have a positive impact on employees
The importance of self-introspection, understanding your past experience before future experiences, and how this leads to discovering your ‘why?’

Key Takeaways and Learnings

Why colleagues must ‘really meet, not nearly meet’ and how creativity is born in the space between us, not from us as individuals
The potential impact within stories at work – and how a compelling narrative can engage people far more than simply a set of facts
How re-framing low points as turning points in which maximum learning was achieved can help encourage talk and creative collaboration
How, as a leader, your own personal ‘why?’ should always be overlapping with the ‘why?’ of your business



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