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I have been asked to chair the UK’s first major Mindful Leadership Conference on 14th October.   I’m sure a lot of people out there are intrigued and would love to come, but really don’t feel they have the time. And that’s exactly the point. Nothing wrong with being busy but our lives seem – well – full. And getting fuller.

The funny thing is, when you really look, our lives are actually full of space.  If you want to know more, I’ve just written about this in MinuteHack a great site for our ‘time poor’ age that’s designed to provide insights ‘in the cracks’.

For now, are a few tasters:

Mark the Moment

A great place to start is to notice when one thing ends and another begins.  This gives definition to your day, makes you feel you are achieving not just wading.  It also fills your day with micro-gaps of possibility.  I think of them as nano-holidays.  And if you can avoid distractions even better. Multi-tasking is actually a killer.


The quickest way to reset your system and clear the whiteboard of your mind is to breathe.  No, I mean really b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  You’ll see how a deep, conscious breath or two will focus and energise you.

Press Pause

Many of us confuse high performance with continuous performance. We think if we have a lot to do, we should plough on until it’s done.  Particularly in meetings. If in doubt, cut a meeting into chunks, each focusing on a different point, with a performance pause in between. Two short is better than one long!

Use all your You’s

We all have many different intelligences within us.   Every time I start a new part of the day – in that micro gap we spoke about – I try to install the version of David who is most expert at it. This saves energy as the day’s work has been shared out amongst my internal team.


We tend to rush travel, seeing it as dead time. It is actually another hidden gap – with hidden treasures. “All great thoughts are conceived by walking” said philosopher Frederich Neitzche.  Street Wisdom, our (verging on global) social enterprise teaches you how to read the streets to gain inspiration and clarity. It’s a way of being a traveller in your own town and keeping the spirit of Summer going all year round.

Hope to see you on 14th. Now you know you have the time 😉  You can register here.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Space?

  1. That’s great news David. I have been running http://www.cotswoldnaturalmindfulness.uk for a couple of years now. I combine mindfulness and nature to enable people to access this natural and healthy state. I’m also launching “Let’s Walk About It” this month – a midlife support group for men who find it difficult to talk about their struggles. Again it’s a combination of nature and mindfulness. It would be great to catch up and learn more about your involvement. Best wishes for the 14th ???

    • Ian. Thank you for the comment. Great to hear from you. Walk About sounds excellent. I’d like to know more. Ps from my recent experiences on two wheels I’d say cycling has a similar effect for men particularly.

  2. Currently being mindful by the quiet Mediterranean, no TV, no Internet (have to go to café to post this), phone reception not worth hanging out of window for. Wine-dark sea with a couple of fishermen setting up their lines. Total, wonderful, digital detox, learning how to breathe again. Can this be ‘beamed’ into a busy working life? Our money’s on you! Will be with you in spirit on the 14th…

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