EU sitting comfortably?

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So, what’s it to be, then, Remain or Brexit? It’s a momentous choice we’re facing and there are politicians on either side lining up to persuade us. But who to trust? How to distill the substance from the rhetoric? Who is telling the truth?

My answer is no-one. This isn’t a value judgment about politics, it’s a philosophical fact. No-one is telling the truth. This is the future we are talking about and, truly, no-one knows. So in lieu of certainties, politicians fall back on storytelling and they are quite masterful at it.

Having worked with leaders on story for a couple of decades – and just written a book about the power of narrative –  I wanted to share some insights about why our politicians are relying on fiction not fact  and how they are able to be so persuasive. This isn’t going to stop them fibbing, the blighters – but it might make us more aware of what’s going on and our own unconscious part in the game.

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