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I don’t know if you’ve seen TEDx talk The Walk from No to Yes  by conflict negotiator William Ury but it beautifully combines two personal bright spots from last week.

On March 7 I attended an inspiring peace-makers gathering at the House of Lords, hosted by Seeds of Peace and the delightfully low-key yet charismatic Lord Andrew Stone.  Who knew you’d hear the words Chakra or Mindfulness coming out of a Peer’s mouth?

The next day I launched my book, Story for Leaders with the London Business Forum at The Comedy Store in London. Hence the smile.  Unlike a lot of book launches, it was a genuinely happy occasion. Not least because wife, mother, children and (in spirit) Father were there.  What’s exciting is when you write something you didn’t know you knew. That happened many times in the book but most powerfully when I reflected on the power of Perspective and how leaders (that’s all of us by the way) can use it to transform fearful into helpful stories.

Ury also rates the power of perspective. He says the secret to resolving conflict between two sides – is to add a third side. That’s also ‘us’. Our tertiary role is to bring perspective to the warring parties.  Perspective meets Peace-making.

But the connections don’t end there. Ury goes on to talk about peace building and the power of walking. Peace walks to complement Peace talks, turning hostility to hospitality, terrorism into tourism. Synchronistically, I am going to be donating all my proceeds from the new book to Street Wisdom the non-profit social business I am leading which aims to help people all over the world find answers to problems by walking the streets right on their doorstep.

So when you buy a copy of Story for Leaders – and I hope you will – you are also helping bring inspiration to streets all around the world.

It’s lovely when a story comes together.

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