Still Life!

IMG_0133At the centre of our new social enterprise  Street Wisdom is the idea that the every moment is extraordinary and every street full of inspiration.   Few of us give ourselves time or permission to really focus on the world around us, so Street Wisdom provides that.  While I truly believe our strap line “answers are everywhere”,  on busy days like last Friday I shove that belief to the side of my mind and get lost in the noise like everyone else.

Then I visited my Dad in hospital.

A multi-disciplinary, serial professional (dentist, lawyer, coroner, judge) Bernard Pearl’s life is currently restricted to a hospital bed where he has more than enough time to dwell on the moment.   Around him people are whiling away their day staring at screens or into mid air. Not my dad.   Since becoming an enthusiastic, if very self-deprecating, amateur artist later in life, every object is a potential subject.  And every meal.  So each time the nurses deliver him a tray of food he sketches it.

dad pix.001
My friend and mentor, Charles Handy once posed the question ‘what would it be like to live your life as though it was an artwork?’ and I think that’s what my father is doing.  He swears cancer has improved his drawing.  Certainly his sense of perspective is impeccable.  There’s carcinoma, yes.  But is there Still Life?   Absolutely!
When my Dad couldn't reach his drawing pad (or was to lazy to stretch for it) he used the flyleaf of a hardback to capture breakfast.
When my Dad couldn’t reach his drawing pad (or was to lazy to stretch for it) he used the flyleaf of this hardback to capture breakfast.


PS If you are thinking about unleashing your inner sketcher/poet/potter/filmmaker/actor/you name it… take a look at the wonderful 64 Million Artists who are dedicated to unlocking the creative potential of every human being in the UK. 

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