Get Away without Going Away?

(Please take a look at my recent TEDx talk about Street Wisdom and let me know what you think in the comment section below. You’ll have plenty of time this weekend.  Really…).

Well, the Easter holidays are a distant memory.  But don’t worry because, at least here in England, we are celebrating the first of two long-weekend, Bank Holiday breaks that bookend the month of May.  Which is just as well, because I have some thinking to do.  And some reading.  And some friends to meet and films to watch and a new book to start and my work desk to tidy and 100km to ride and a new language to learn…

Behavioural economists like Dan Ariely can probably explain how our brains can optimistically expand three days into three months in advance of a break.   And why, come Monday night, it seems to have lasted 3 hours and nothing really got done.  Dan Ariely is a wonderful writer, by the way.  I will be re-reading his book on how we lie to ourselves over the weekend.  Really…

The truth is holidays rarely give us the space we need to reflect, reboot and re-inspire ourselves.

Which started me thinking do you have to go away to get away?  And does it have to cost money?   At Street Wisdom we say a hearty NO to both questions.   It’s a new non-profit we’ve set up with Chris Barez-Brown and the creative leadership dude ranch that is Upping Your Elvis.   We think there’s a refreshing and inspiring break waiting for you just outside your door.   With a tiny shift of mindset and a bit of slowing down, the street you normally hurry through can become as fascinating as any exotic, distant location.   And this particular trip costs absolutely zip.  At Street Wisdom you don’t pay fees you pay attention.

It’s where stay-cation meets mindfulness;  your own personal bubble of magic amid the noise.

Street Wisdoms have been springing up all over the place (San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sofia).  On Friday May 23rd Street Wisdom is back in London.   And everyone’s invited;  individuals, groups of friends, working teams, whole companies.     The event  begins 10.00 in Trafalgar Square (pick a lion, any lion) and ends three hours later when you’ll be sharing what you learned with other questers in a mystery location.

It’s a chance to make sure you take a deep breath, get new insights and really think about some of those questions we always hope we’ll get round to on holiday, but rarely do.

You can register from this free event (via eventbrite) by clicking here. 

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