Funny Business

“This is all far too important to take seriously” the irreverent genius Ken Campbell used to tell us when people threatened to get too intense about the difficult issues. I frequently remind clients of this when they are grappling with tough questions. The more serious you get, the more real the problems seem. A certain playfulness of mind is essential if you want to access your true creativity. Dont confuse ‘serious’ and ‘sombre’.


I wish you’d been there to remind me last week as I paced backstage at London’s premier comedy venue, contemplating my first ever ‘stand up’ performance and feeling seriously unfunny. It didn’t matter that this was a voluntary event (Funny Business) for a great cause (Help the Hospices) and the audience was there to help not heckle. Nor that I’ve done hundreds of events in stressful situations.  At that precise moment I felt like a total beginner – and that beginner wanted OUT!

The problem is, the only escape route from the Comedy Store dressing room is via the stage!  As Robert Frost memorably put it: ‘The only way out is through”.

So off to work I went.  And you know what?  It was fun.

If you like the clip, please learn the Anti-Boring-Meeting anthem (more on this in my book ) and if you are so moved, I am sure Help the Hospices would appreciate a pre-Xmas donation!

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