Stand Up? Or RUN?

“You’re brave – so very brave”.

This is not what you want to hear when you invite a client to one of your speaking events.  Especially when they pat your arm pityingly at the same time.  By ‘brave’ they really mean ‘stupid’.  And they may have a point.

It all seemed reasonable enough last year when I agreed to take part in London Business Forum’s charity “stand up” gig at London’s Comedy Store. But that was 18 months ago.   Now Funny Business  is round the corner (Dec 3rd) and the prospect of standing where Robin Williams once stood trying to make people laugh seems more insane by the day.   And then I remember Lesson One from my book (I know, who reads their own book?).   Whether you’re in a meeting, event or, in this case, a comedy killing field, always remember why you are there.  Intent is all important. In this case, it’s to support the wonderful charity Help the Hospices. Now there are some people who really are brave. If you’d like to support them or just want to prevent me running out of the room, please click here for tickets.

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